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Grand Master Charles Hildebrand: A Journey of Dedication, Perseverance, and Lifelong Commitment.

In the world of martial arts, there are individuals whose journeys are as inspiring as they are remarkable. One such martial artist is Grand Master Charles Hildebrand, an Eighth Dan Black Belt in both TaeKwonDo and Hapkido. His martial arts odyssey is a testament to dedication, perseverance, and a lifelong commitment to the martial arts.

Early Beginnings

Grand Master Hildebrand's martial arts journey commenced in January 1967 under the guidance of the renowned Grandmaster He-Young Kimm. He enrolled in classes that encompassed TaeKwonDo, Hapkido, and Judo at Southeast Missouri State College (SEMO). Little did he know that this initial step would lead to a lifetime of martial arts excellence.

A Transformative Year - 1968

The year 1968 marked a transformative phase in Grand Master Hildebrand's martial arts journey. He continued his training under the tutelage of both Grandmaster He-Young Kimm and Lee H. Park. It was during this year that a significant development occurred when Mr. Kimm invited Mr. Park to the United States. Mr. Kimm needed Mr. Park to take over his classes at SEMO as he prepared for a relocation to Louisiana, where he would eventually pursue a Doctoral Degree in History at Louisiana State University.

Graduation and Advancement

In 1970, Grand Master Hildebrand graduated from SEMO, earning a Bachelor of Science in Geology. That same year, he achieved the milestone of a 1st Dan Black Belt in TaeKwonDo. His dedication to martial arts and his academic achievements ran in parallel, setting the stage for a future filled with accomplishments.

A Journey to Vietnam

In 1971, Grand Master Hildebrand's life took a different turn when he was drafted into the army and sent to Vietnam. During his service at Plantation Post in Vietnam, he had the privilege of training under the Korean Army TaeKwonDo Demonstration Team. This experience led to the attainment of a Second Dan Black Belt in TaeKwonDo while in the midst of wartime.

Teaching and Leadership

Following his return from Vietnam, Grand Master Hildebrand continued his martial arts journey. He resumed training under the guidance of Lee H. Park at his school in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Additionally, he embarked on a teaching path, offering martial arts instruction at three schools in St. Louis that provided continuing education classes. In 1972, he opened his martial arts school in the City of St. Louis, where he taught TaeKwonDo and Hapkido, imparting his knowledge and skills to eager students.

A Legacy of Leadership

The passing of Grandmaster Lee H. Park in 1988 marked a pivotal moment in Grand Master Hildebrand's martial arts journey. He stepped into the role of President of Moo Sul Kwan, a position he has held since then. Under his leadership, he has annually organized and led three tournaments and a three-day Martial Arts Convention, further enriching the martial arts community.

Conclusion and Legacy

Grand Master Charles Hildebrand's journey in martial arts is a remarkable tale of commitment, leadership, and a dedication to martial arts that has spanned decades. His contributions to the martial arts community, as well as his continued pursuit of excellence, stand as a testament to his enduring legacy.

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