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HANMUDO is a comprehensive adult martial arts system that embraces the study of empty hand techniques, weapons, internal energy, and martial arts philosophy. It offers a multitude of physical and mental benefits, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a holistic martial arts experience.

Physical Benefits of HANMUDO Training

Engaging in HANMUDO training yields a host of physical advantages. Develop power, speed, agility, flexibility, and core strength through our specialized adult martial arts program. Achieving weight loss goals and improving cardiovascular fitness become attainable as you immerse yourself in the art. HANMUDO equips you with a wide range of techniques, including kicks, punches, blocks, sweeps, throwing techniques, joint locks, pressure point techniques, as well as holding and choking techniques.

Unlocking the Power of HANMUDO

One of the remarkable aspects of HANMUDO is its ability to teach practitioners how to leverage their opponent's power against them. This becomes especially valuable for smaller individuals facing larger opponents. By practicing HANMUDO, our smaller-sized students gain a distinct advantage in defending themselves against bigger adversaries.

Exploring the Vitality of Ki (Internal Energy)

At the heart of the Han Mu Do system lies the concept of Ki, or internal energy. Through HANMUDO, you will learn breathing exercises designed to stimulate the flow of Ki throughout your body. This practice enables you to cultivate and accumulate Ki energy while mastering control over its circulation within you.

Life-Changing Mental Skills

HANMUDO extends beyond physical technique, empowering practitioners with life-changing mental skills. Discipline, perseverance, and confidence are among the key attributes fostered by our training programs. In every facet of life, success relies on setting goals, believing in oneself, and working diligently under challenging circumstances. HANMUDO training hones these essential abilities, enabling practitioners to face life's challenges with poise and energy. Our students become empowered individuals who actively shape their own destinies.

A Path to Comprehensive Health and Wellness

HANMUDO training transcends mere fitness routines, offering a pathway to comprehensive health—of body, mind, spirit, and life. This unique approach sets HANMUDO apart and makes our classes an unparalleled workout experience.

Unveiling the Essence of Han Mu Do

The name HANMUDO derives from the combination of "Han" (Korea, the nation of optimism) and "Mu Do" (Martial Arts). Founded by Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm in 1989, Han Mu Do is officially recognized by the Korean Government as a distinct style of Korean martial arts (Registered Number 534).

The Purpose Behind Hanmudo's Creation

Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm, a highly accomplished martial artist with multiple dan ranks, established HANMUDO with specific goals in mind. Drawing upon his extensive training and research in various Korean martial arts styles, he sought to address their strengths and weaknesses.

Traditional styles of Korean self-defense developed during the 1950s, emphasizing defenses against wrist, clothing, and body grabs. However, with evolving fighting patterns, attackers now incorporate kicks and punches into their initial moves. Recognizing the need for balance, Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm integrated defenses against grabs with techniques to counter strikes.

Furthermore, HANMUDO was conceived to preserve and incorporate both traditional and innovative techniques discovered by masters over the years. With decades of historical research, interviews, and training under numerous Korean martial arts masters, Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm incorporated their techniques into the Han Mu Do system.

The Balanced Nature of Han Mu Do

A distinguishing feature of Han Mu Do is its emphasis on balance. The system maintains equilibrium in

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