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Find out:
  1. Why Hanmudo is good for your school
  2. Why Hanmudo is good for your students
  3. How we can support you

We follow the Hanmudo philosophy which is self-cultivation and then helping others. Hence we need to help you to fulfil our training obligation to continue our Hanmudo journey.  

If you are after a martial sport (like MMA, Muay Thai, .. ) then Hanmudo perhaps is not your cup of tea. But if you are after a more than physical techniques then please read on.

Why Hanmudo is good for your school


By teaching Hanmudo at your school, You can have a solid and successful martial arts school. This is because:

  • Hanmudo has been founded by Dr. He-Young Kimm 10th Dan by Korean Ki Do Association also (10 Dan in Hapkido, 9th Dan in Judo, 9th Dan in Taekwondo, 8th Dan in Kuk Sool Won). Dr. Kimm has been a good role model for many martial artists all around the world. Someone who has been respected by many Grandmasters. Many people believe that Dr. Kimm is a Great Grandmaster.

  • Hanmudo has a philosophy to help your students to stay on the right track. They need mental strength and wisdom as well as physical strength and techniques. With Hanmudo philosophy your students can gain inner peace as well.

  • Techniques are effective and devastating. Combination of strikes, joint locks, throwing techniques, and weapon techniques makes Hanmudo a complete martial art.

  • It has meditation and breathing exercise for health. Mental and physical health are the two most important reasons of the existence of Hanmudo.

  • Unlike martial sports that leave injuries and most of the students can train until the age of 32, Hanmudo students can train much longer that. This is because Dr. He-Young Kimm never looks at a short term gain such as wining in a tournament. His vision is much longer and healthier.


Why Hanmudo is good for your students


  • Your students will get Fit/in shape

  • It is Semi-contact to Full-contact (your discretion)

  • Any age can do it. No age requirement

  • No fitness level requirement

  • Your students will learn proper way to kick & punch so they don’t hurt themselves in a long run

  • Your students will learn how to use opponents’ pressure points

  • Your students will learn how to joint lock & immobilize opponents

  • Your students will learn how to use opponents’’ power against themselves

  • Your students will learn how to defend against knives & sticks

  • Your students will learn how to how to fall down safely

  • Your students will learn Korean weaponry like Korean Swordsmanship, Short stick, Long pole, Walking cane, Rope and Fan

  • Attain your Black Belt from Han Do Won. Your Black Belt is also recognized by Kido Hae, a Korean government registered department for martial arts certification. 

  • Your students will learn how to Meditate & do breathing exercise

  • Build greater discipline

How we can support you


We can give you the support you need to run a successful martial arts club in which all your members learn, sweat and smile.

  • We can provide you with separate programs for kids, teens and adults.

  • We can provide you with marketing strategies and materials

  • We do not want to interfere with the way you run your business as long as it is based on mutual respect between the club and its members. We will separate ourselves from the clubs that don’t practice and believe in martial arts protocols.

Are you interested in Teaching Hanmudo at your school

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