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Chief Master Frank Caracci: A Journey of Passion and Versatility

A Passion Ignited

Chief Master Frank Caracci's martial arts journey ignited in 1982 at the age of 12 when he started training in Tae Kwon Do in the New Orleans metro area. His dedication and passion for the art were evident, as he achieved a 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do within just four years.

Expanding Horizons with Japanese Jujitsu

In 1985, Chief Master Caracci expanded his martial arts horizons by enrolling in Japanese Jujitsu. This marked the beginning of his exploration into joint manipulation, sweeps, and throwing techniques, adding depth to his martial skillset.

Competition and Inspiration

Throughout the mid-80s and the following decade, Chief Master Caracci actively competed in local, regional, and national karate tournaments, consistently earning top-three placements. During one of these tournaments in New Orleans, he had a pivotal moment when he witnessed Dr. He-Young Kimm conducting a mesmerizing Han Mu Do demonstration. Dr. Kimm's effortless execution left a lasting impression, inspiring Chief Master Caracci to seek training under this martial arts master.

Meeting Dr. Kimm and Han Mu Do

The desire to train under Dr. Kimm led Chief Master Caracci to meet him in Mandeville, Louisiana. Following their meeting, Dr. Kimm invited him to a World Han Mu Do seminar at the Han Do Won in Baton Rouge. This seminar marked the beginning of Chief Master Caracci's journey into Han Mu Do, and he commuted to Baton Rouge twice a week to attend Dr. Kimm's classes for several years.

The MMA Adventure

While training under Dr. Kimm, Chief Master Caracci's competitive spirit persisted. He ventured into the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) during its pioneer days. Chief Master Caracci participated in numerous MMA tournaments, including Reality Cage Fights, Extreme Combat, International Fighting Championship, Renaissance Mixed Martial Arts, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Brazilian Jujitsu and Policing

In the mid to late 90s, Chief Master Caracci recognized the need to enhance his grappling skills. With Dr. Kimm's encouragement, he started training in Brazilian Jujitsu in the New Orleans metro area, despite the scarcity of black belts or masters in the region. Dr. Kimm continued to mentor him, advising Chief Master Caracci to seek a master-level instructor to guide his Brazilian Jujitsu journey.

Simultaneously, Chief Master Caracci pursued a career in law enforcement in the New Orleans metro area. He excelled academically and physically, graduating at the top of his class. He also played a role in the training academy, providing instruction in empty-hand and baton defensive tactics for both recruits and in-service officers.

A Journey to Excellence in Brazilian Jujitsu

In 2004, Chief Master Caracci embarked on a journey to Dallas, Texas, where he trained at Carlos Machado's Headquarters Academy. This rigorous training ultimately led to his Black Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu in 2014.

A School of Versatility and Skill

Currently, Chief Master Caracci owns and operates The Dojang New Orleans in Kenner, Louisiana. His school offers classes in both Han Mu Do and Machado Jujitsu, catering to students of all ages and skill levels. Through his dedication and versatility, Chief Master Caracci continues to inspire and guide martial artists on their own journeys of passion and growth.

Join the Celebration

Experience the rich journey of Chief Master Frank Caracci, a martial artist who has embraced multiple disciplines and passions. Celebrate his dedication to Han Mu Do and Brazilian Jujitsu at the upcoming 60th Anniversary Celebration, honoring Dojunim Dr. He-Young Kimm's arrival in the United States. This historic event, hosted by the World Han Mu Do Association and the Hando Won, will feature a Black Belt Test, Seminar, and Banquet from November 3-5, 2023, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity. Secure your reservations today, including hotel and dinner reservations, by October 14, 2023.

For comprehensive event details and reservations, visit our dedicated event page. Join us in celebrating Chief Master Frank Caracci and the vibrant martial arts community. It's an event of monumental significance!

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