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Chief Master Harold W. Wilson Jr.: A Journey of Martial Arts and Philosophy

The Early Martial Arts Beginnings

Chief Master Harold W. Wilson Jr.'s martial arts journey began with Tang Soo Do under Master Robert Torres in the late 1960s. However, as life led him in different directions, his training came to a pause when his family moved. The path of martial arts remained in the background, waiting for the right moment to reemerge.

Rediscovering Hapkido

In high school, fate intervened as Chief Master Wilson and his friends stumbled upon a flyer advertising Hapkido classes taught by none other than Master He-Young Kimm through Baton Rouge Recreation (BREC). This rediscovery reignited his passion for martial arts, and he trained through high school. Life's milestones, including college, marriage, and children, temporarily shifted his focus away from martial arts.

Completing the Circle with Han Mu Do

When Chief Master Wilson's children reached an age where they could begin martial arts training, he embarked on a search for the right martial art for his family. A visit from a friend who trained in Han Mu Do changed everything. Intrigued by the art and inspired by Dr. Kimm's philosophy, he learned about Kimm's Institute of Self Defense, later known as the Han Do Wan. To him, this was the completion of a circle in his life, as Dr. Kimm often spoke of life being cyclical.

The Han Mu Do Journey Begins

In 1992, Chief Master Wilson's journey in Han Mu Do officially commenced. He had the privilege of learning directly from Dr. Kimm and then Master Jamie Serio at the Han Do Wan. As the years went by, Chief Master Wilson steadily progressed, eventually becoming one of the lead instructors. What made this journey truly special was the inclusion of his wife and children, who embraced the ways and philosophy of Han Mu Do from a young age.

Expanding Knowledge and Horizons

Adhering to Dr. Kimm's philosophy of expanding one's knowledge, Chief Master Wilson achieved a 1st Dan in Hae Dong Kum Do under Grand Master Shin E Chul and a 5th Dan in Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master Sergio Chavez. These achievements reflected his commitment to continuous growth and development in the martial arts.

The Birth of a New Chapter

After approximately 35 years of training and teaching at the Han Do Wan, Chief Master Wilson and his family decided it was time to help expand the Han Mu Do family. They embarked on the journey of opening their own school, carrying with them the philosophy and way of life instilled by Dr. Kimm.

The Impact of Han Mu Do Philosophy

Chief Master Wilson found that the philosophies of Han Mu Do had a profound impact on both his personal and professional life. These philosophies empowered him to navigate life with a sense of mindfulness and emotional control. In his work environment, the applied principles of Han Mu Do played a pivotal role in managing the challenges of the contemporary world.

A Legacy of Philosophy and Martial Arts

Chief Master Harold W. Wilson Jr.'s journey exemplifies the harmony of martial arts and philosophy. His commitment to the principles of Han Mu Do has not only enriched his own life but has also positively influenced the lives of his family, students, and colleagues. Through his dedication, he continues to carry forward the legacy of Han Mu Do, helping others find balance and strength in their journeys.

Join the Celebration

Experience the legacy of Chief Master Harold W. Wilson Jr. and celebrate his unwavering dedication to Han Mu Do and its guiding philosophies at the upcoming 60th Anniversary Celebration honoring Dojunim Dr. He-Young Kimm's arrival in the United States. This historic event, hosted by the World Han Mu Do Association and the Hando Won, will feature a Black Belt Test, Seminar, and Banquet from November 3-5, 2023, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity. Secure your reservations today, including hotel and dinner reservations, by October 14, 2023.

For comprehensive event details and reservations, visit our dedicated event page. Join us in celebrating Chief Master Harold W. Wilson Jr. and the vibrant martial arts community. It's an event of monumental significance!

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