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Kenneth P. MacKenzie: A Lifetime of Martial Arts Excellence

An Early Start

In the realm of martial arts excellence, one name stands out prominently - Kenneth P. MacKenzie. His incredible journey into the world of martial arts commenced in 1968 at a YMCA just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. It was there that he was introduced to the art of "Kodokan Judo," setting him on a path of adventure and dedication that would span a lifetime.

A Childhood of Challenges

Ken MacKenzie's childhood was marked by frequent relocations, attending seven different schools before completing elementary education. This constant movement often thrust him into the challenging world of schoolyard bullies and neighborhood conflicts. But challenges weren't limited to playground skirmishes; Ken also faced major illnesses and injuries. After a series of hip and knee surgeries, he embarked on a journey into "Korean Karate," also known as 'TaeKwon-Do' and 'Hapkido,' in the 1970s. Little did he know that this journey would extend for over five decades.

Hard-Earned Expertise

Ken's training in TaeKwon-Do and Hapkido was rigorous, demanding more than seven years of dedication before he attained the coveted Black Belt rank. This journey offered him much more than physical prowess; it instilled in him a profound sense of self-worth, discipline, and confidence. He discovered that his most potent self-defense tool was his mind. To this day, Ken is recognized not only for his physical strength but also as a "martial arts intellect" and a "warrior of virtue."

From Academics to Martial Arts Mastery

While pursuing studies in Law & Justice at college, Ken ventured into opening his first martial arts school. Even before the iconic "Karate Kid" movie gained fame, MacKenzie's Martial Arts became the nation's first professional martial arts school exclusively for children. Ken's academic journey took him to Drexel University and Glassboro State College (now Rowan University), where he earned a B.A. Degree in Law & Justice.

Champion of Champions

Having clinched victory in over two hundred local, state, regional, and national martial arts tournaments, Ken MacKenzie's journey reached a pinnacle with three world championships in South Korea. After a hiatus from competitive martial arts, he was invited to rejoin the US Team in 2017, seizing five medals at the world championship in Argentina. Ken now owns several professional martial arts schools, including "MacKenzie's Martial Arts" in southern New Jersey. He also serves as the president of the "World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation" under 'DoJuNim' Ji, Han Jae, the founder of Korean Hapkido.

A 10th Degree Black Belt Trailblazer

In 2010, Ken MacKenzie became the first American-born martial artist to achieve the esteemed rank of 10th Degree Black Belt in Korean Hapkido, securing his position as the heir-apparent according to the founder's wishes. He holds the official Korean title "Chung-Kwang Day Son-Sah." Ken's martial arts prowess has graced the covers of five prominent martial arts magazines, and his voice has resonated on radio and television worldwide. Honored as a 'Hall-of-Famer,' he was named the "International Grandmaster of the Year" by TaeKwon-Do Times Magazine.

A Lifelong Dedication to Youth

Ken MacKenzie's most cherished accomplishments revolve around his tireless efforts on behalf of youth. An optimist at heart, he firmly believes that the best is yet to come.

Celebrate Grandmaster He-Young Kimm's Legacy

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