Welcome to Han Mu Do

Kimm’s Institute of Self-Defense is a martial arts educational institution led by Dr. He‑Young Kimm, Hall of Fame member of the U.S. Taekwondo Grandmaster Society® and Tae Kwon Do Times®. Dr. Kimm is the founder of the art of Han Mu Do.

Han. You will set and achieve high goals.
Mu. You will train to balance your mind, body, and spirit.
Do. You will strive to better yourself, help others, and to make a better world.

We welcome persons of all ages, from child to adult, serving you from our two schools in Louisiana, located in Baton Rouge and Prairieville.

What We Do

Self-defense techniques are taught in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our strong curriculum-based program challenges the beginner as well as the most advanced student. Instruction emphasizes the values and practical application of various martial arts. Students can expect to improve their flexibility, strength, and endurance while learning to perfect their art.


Who We Are

Dr. Kimm trained under Grandmaster Kim Jong-chun. Later he attended Central Yudo School where he trained under Grandmaster Bang Young-doo, the head instructor of the Korean Police Headquarters. He also attended Korea Gym, training under Grandmaster Yu Sook-dong, where he received instructions in Kong Soo Do and boxing.

From the knowledge he accumulated over the last forty years through various grandmasters and personal experience, Dr. Kimm created the martial arts system, Han Mu Do, which means “Way of Korean Martial Arts.”


See Us in Action

Physical benefits of Han Mu Do include increased coordination and flexibility, improved physical fitness, and personal security. Mental benefits include self-discipline, goal-setting, respect, and improved self-esteem. Social benefits include leadership skills and camaraderie.

Get Involved!

Drop by one of our schools:
4816 Jamestown Avenue, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
36483 Old Perkins Road, Prairieville, Louisiana 70769

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