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Grand Master John Choi: Elevating Taekwondo Excellence

A prestigious leader, Grand Master John Choi Jong-hyun, a 9th Degree Black Belt, holds the distinguished position of President for the United States Taekwondo Grand Master Society. This organization is an assembly of the highest-ranking Taekwondo 8th and 9th Dan Black Belts in the United States. Their influence extends internationally, bridging connections with Taekwondo practitioners affiliated with the World Taekwondo Federation, International Taekwondo Federation, and various independent Taekwondo groups across the nation.

A Martial Arts Beacon in Louisiana Nestled in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Grand Master Choi is not only a practitioner but also the owner and chief instructor at Master Choi's Taekwondo Institute. This institute has evolved into a prominent fixture in Lake Charles' martial arts landscape, known for its commitment to excellence and character development.

Fostering Excellence Through Taekwondo At Master Choi's Taekwondo Institute, Grandmaster John Choi (Chong-hyun) leads an exceptional team of instructors and black belts. Their shared mission is to guide students towards mastering modern Taekwondo curriculum and training methods. But it doesn't stop there; Grand Master Choi offers well-structured courses designed to nurture physical health, happiness, and personal success through Taekwondo training.

A Home for Champions Master Choi's Taekwondo Institute extends beyond martial arts; it's an institution of self-improvement and a sanctuary for champions. Rooted in family values and caring mentorship, the atmosphere here is warm and supportive. The Master Choi Taekwondo team stands by your side, assisting you at every stage of your journey.

More Than Just Fighting While some perceive martial arts solely as combat, Grand Master Choi's programs transcend this stereotype. They are holistic self-improvement systems. By participating in Taekwondo classes at his institute, you gain access to one of the world's most effective self-improvement pathways.

The Blueprint for Success Through mastering physical self-defense skills, you embark on a life journey guided by discipline, focus, and perseverance. The true victory lies not in defeating others but in conquering yourself. As you grow physically stronger and healthier, you'll find a profound sense of happiness and satisfaction that transcends any competitive victory. 60th Anniversary Celebration Details We're thrilled to announce that Grand Master John Choi will grace the upcoming 60th Anniversary Celebration honoring Dojunim Dr. He-Young Kimm's arrival in the United States. This monumental event, proudly sponsored by the World Han Mu Do Association and the Hando Won, will feature a Black Belt Test, Seminar, and Banquet from November 3-5, 2023, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

For comprehensive event information and reservations, please visit our dedicated event page. Don't miss the chance to celebrate Grand Master He-Young Kimm's legacy and join the vibrant martial arts community. It's an event destined for greatness!

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