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Welcome to the He-Young Kimm Cup, the World Championships of Han Mu Do students! Named in honor of the esteemed founder of Han Mu Do, Dr. He-Young Kimm, this annual event celebrates the skill, dedication, and spirit of Han Mu Do. Join us as competitors vie for the coveted He-Young Kimm Cup and demonstrate their mastery in Forms, Self-defense, Weapons, and Sparring. Experience the thrill of the competition, the grace of the forms, and the power of the techniques that define this unique and dynamic martial art. Don't miss this opportunity to make your place in Han Mu Do History. 

Event Details

  • Date: March 16th, 2024

  • Location: Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Mullen Gymnasium, Wesson, MS 39191

  • Registration Fee: $75 before March 2nd | Late Registration $85 (Final cutoff March 11th)

  • Spectators: $5.00 (5 years and under Free)

2024 HYKC MOUNT.jpg


  • Demonstrations by Dr. He-Young Kimm & World Han Mu Do Senior Black Belts

  • Competitions in Forms, Self-defense, Weapons, & Sparring

  • Categories for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Juniors & Adults

  • Special Little Dragons Events: Kicking, Falling, Forms, and Dragon Tails Competition

3 Han Mu Do Metals


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Official registration for the 2024 He-Young Kimm Cup in Wesson, MS on March 16th, 2024.

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