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What is HANMUDO:

The way of Korean Martial Arts, a comprehensive martial arts system comprising of the study of empty hand techniques, weapons, internal energy, martial arts philosophy.

The physical benefits of Hanmudo training in our adult martial arts are Power, speed, agility, flexibility, and core strength. Weight loss and cardiovascular fitness are all easily achieved through the martial arts.

You will learn kicks, punches, blocks, sweeps, throwing techniques, joint locking techniques, pressure point techniques, holding, and choking techniques. Read more... 

Find out:
  1. Why Hanmudo is good for your school
  2. Why Hanmudo is good for your students
  3. How we can support you

We follow the Hanmudo philosophy which is self-cultivation and then helping others. Hence we need to help you to fulfil our training obligation to continue our Hanmudo journey.  

If you are after a martial sport (like MMA, Muay Thai, .. ) then Hanmudo perhaps is not your cup of tea. But if you are after a more than physical techniques then please read on.

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